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Bitcoin Hits Record High | Is it good time to invest in Bitcoin 2021?

Bitcoin was a cryptocurrency developed in 2008 and released in 2009 when its development was published as a fully accessible program by an anonymous individual or group of people using the name Satoshi-nakamoto. It is a decentral cryptocurrency that cannot be sent to the customer from the community bitcoin-network without any intermediary. It does not have banking system or single administrator. Transactions are checked by cryptographic network nodes and are registered as a blockchain in a publicly distributed archive. Bitcoins are produced for a so-called mining process. You will swap them for other currencies, goods and services.

Reasons for the rise of Bitcoin Prices?

Bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency which observers have all or less written down following the disastrous 2018 crash, saw its valuation develop dramatically in 2020. One Bitcoin is currently priced at approximately Rs 20 lakh (or $27,075). Here’s are the reason behind the sudden rise of Bitcoin:


One of the main reasons for Bitcoin’s growth is rising US dollar inflation. While inflation is 2% a year on average, the latest stimulus investment is expected to raise inflation dramatically and reduce the buying power of the dollar.

The US has contributed nearly $2.4 trillion to the economy with the latest stimulus packages. Many people are afraid that the dollar’s purchasing power and inflation will eventually plummet.

Many people have withdrawn from the dollar and shielded investments that have traditionally retained value or even appreciated their value to protect themselves against the rising inflation. In general, it’s unusual or less risky to convert funds in which people convert dollars to escape inflation or volatile markets. Bitcoin is one such asset.

Payment means adoption:

Another explanation for Bitcoin’s value for money is its rising adoption as a means of payment. Recently, PayPal (PYPL) has confirmed it would enable Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to soon be purchased, sold or kept by its customers and merchants in a payment format.This news quickly sent the price of Bitcoin up.

PayPal has almost 350 million customers who can now order, store and access Bitcoin easily. PayPal already has more than 20 million successful traders who can carry on the currency now.This has more repercussions, besides PayPal. The famous payment app, Venmo, is also operated by PayPal. Venmo has over 40 million active users, allowing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies much more available.

Previous Resistance:

In its time, Bitcoin saw highly unpredictable peaks and troughs. In June 2019, his last high was close to $14,000. Bitcoin was hard resistant at this stage, and was unable to move through this process. It would definitely have sparked a bull market if Bitcoin were to smash through the resistance in June. It struggled to do so sadly for Bitcoin bulls and dropped to almost $3,800 at a low stage.

In October, Bitcoin only reassessed this resistance point to decrease. Bitcoin put $14,000 straight forward on 4 November and held up. This is critical, since the next resistance point of Bitcoin is its previous all-time high of $20,000. With Bitcoin no longer hypothesis opposition until its former all-time peak of $20,000, many participants are optimistic enough to have the crypto-monetary point checked or even moved past it. This speculation culminated in a spike in the valuation of Bitcoin.

Investment by Institutional Investors:

As mentioned, Bitcoin as a safe haven currency is gradually recalled. There is an increasing opportunity to keep lower cash and be safe from extreme demand changes in the new culture and economy. Recently, a movement emerged when publicly traded firms were starting to turn cash into Bitcoin as a sound store of value in their treasuries.

In specific, MicroStrategy, a corporation for enterprise analytics, has turned $425 million of cash into Bitcoin in its treasury. Square made a transaction of $50 million shortly after the payments company. Several corporations have been following suit after that. Bitcoin as the store of wealth and safe haven commodity has been strengthened by the confidence these businesses and their owners have in Bitcoin.

Halving and the Stock to Flow Model:

The two qualities intrinsic in the design are possibly the most significant factors for Bitcoin’s price increase. First of all, only 21 million Bitcoins are ever to be discovered. It won’t be more or less and it will still remain unchanged. Bitcoin is therefore scarcer than anything before it. Remaining limited assets are not 100% fixed and can be generated synthetically in some situations. The second is a Bitcoin-coded method known as halving. In essence, Bitcoin has its own built-in deterrence system where Bitcoin is released and paid for mining. In half every four years, this award is decreased.

Alternative during the pandemic:

As investors rustled to protect their capital in safe havens including gold, some of the them agreed to gamble on Blockchain, the less traditional Bitcoin. Investors gained in both options,but those who risked Bitcoin’s capital were paid well, four times as much as gold owners won. Investing in digital currencies, rather than gold, is a growing number of global investors. However, this would definitely happen for a longer time, provided the high market capitalization of gold.

BITCOIN Live Chart:

Is it good time to invest in Bitcoin?

Along with Bitcoin in Covid-hit 2020 it has become possible to shine, there are many questions about the prospects of cryptocurrencies.

First, the coin which was released in 2009 is known for its wind instability, and highly unpredictable regulatory obstacles are still present. The bid returns are far greater than conventional assets, but the risk is much higher because of the volatility on the broader cryptocurrency sector.

Secondly, if its meteoric rally proceeds, the digital bobble might face more regulation by regulators. Various investors, traders and economy strategists have said in their research that Bitcoin trade or the larger cryptocurrency industry may be subject to stricter rules for the future, especially in the US in Joe Biden’s Policy.

Most experts in cryptocurrency think that much would rely about how nations control the exchange, suggesting that the environment of confusion around the trade remains wide.

Only time will say whether bitcoin is a more acceptable commodity in future as the discussion about the future potential of Bitcoin is ongoing.

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